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Hello All. I need a little help. I have only 2 hives, and both have been queenless for close to 3 weeks. I believe I now have a laying worker in both hives. I saw a technique on youtube by Jason Chrisman, where He put a new box in the old hive's location, but set inside only a frame with queen-right brood and dumped all the bees in front of the hive and let them all walk back in. This time the pheromones were different, and then he introduced a new queen, and she was received. QUESTION: Does anyone have 2 frames with some brood that I can buy or buy & swap for frames with good drawn comb? Hopefully I'll prevent this from ever happening again. Thank you.

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     Are you completely satisfied that they are laying workers?  Eggs not centered, multiple eggs sometimes, spotty brood pattern, etc.?  They didn't replace the old queen with a supersedure queen, and she's mated and just starting to come online with brood, or something?



I'm not completely satisfied, which is why I'm planning to look AGAIN today when I get home from work. However, the laying pattern was spotty and most if not all of the eggs I saw were off-centered. I don't recall seeing multiple eggs in a single cell though. Going to look hard again for a queen... and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for the comment.



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