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Hello fellow beekeepers- we are now officially taking reservations for this 2012 season.

We have updates on availability and pricing on our website and web blog- Visit  and click on HIVE JIVE in the upper left column.

Last season was a real doozy weather wise. Our overall production was down and our harvests were quite minimal. We lost 10% of our hives to bears last year. doubt we continue to learn and are humbled by our bees and Mother Nature. We continue to choose to leave natural honey in our hives vs. pulling it and feeding sugar. So...we can only hope that everyone has enough to make it through winter and into spring until the bloom manifests...and I hope that the spring bloom will be AWESOME... I have a positive feeling....bring on the moisture! :)

For those who reserved top bar nucs last season that we were unable to fill, we look to catch up on those this coming season. We aren't taking any new reservations for top bar nucs for this season yet until we catch up.

However, for those interested in top bar nucs, Mark is offering to modify Langstroth nucs to accomodate top bar hives. The modified bar-frames can be rotated out once the bees begin to pull fresh comb on their own bars.

We are offering nucs in two timetables:

Early Season Overwintered which have tested overwintered queens in them that we reared last summer. These will be ready come late March/early April.

Fresh Season Nucs will have newly mated queenbees from this coming season and will be ready late May/early June. We begin rearing in April when the spring weather begins to stabilize.


For those interested in Enchanted Empress Breeder Queens, we will have limited availability on those and they will be ready as early as late March/early April. AND....once we get our queen rearing and breeding workshops scheduled, I'll announce it on our web blog.


To make a reservation or to check on an existing one, you can email or call. Our landline is severely crackly and of course the phone co. can't do anything about it until the snow is gone. So...if we miss your call, email works best or you can try Mark's cell 505/929-8080 (however, being in the mountains, our reception is spotty....but he does check messages and return calls when he goes to town).

Thanks and Long Live the Bees!


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