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Is there a 2019 swarm list?

And if there is how do I put my name on it?

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To be on the swarm list you must fill out the 2019 survey which will be sent out soon.  Please make sure your email on this ABQ Beeks site is current so that you are able to receive the survey.

I haven't gotten  the 2019 survey yet.  Has it been sent? Will there be a swarm list and telephone signup for the county extension office hotline? Thanks Chris

It has not been sent out yet-and will include the swarm list and telephone sign up.  It will be sent out soon after our meeting.  Thanks Chris!  

I would like to be on the swarm with list as well
I see we have to take some kind of survey how can we do that and where is it thank you

Please refer to the email that was sent out. Or read the post on the home page regarding the swarm survey.  Thanks!

i filled out the survey so why is my name not on the swarm list?

Hi Ron,

I see your name on the Swarm List for the West Side.

ABQ Beeks

Hey. Could someone please send me the 2019 swarm survey?

If this is not the right place to make this request, could you tell me where to go. Thank you!

Joe Crawford


The swarm survey was due March 20th.  If you'd like, volunteer at the swarm hotline (sign up is at the top of the homepage).  If a swarm call comes in during the last 15 min. of your shift, you are welcome to go and get the swarm.

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