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For Sale-3 Frame Extractor & Hot Knife - Great Deal for Both!

Are you ready to extract from your langstroth honey frames?  I have an extra, used Walter T. Kelly Extractor and Pierce hot knife for sale.

Both extractor and hot knife are available for $280 or best offer

email me bigskyhoney at gmail dot com

Walter T. Kelley Extractor - Holds 3 deep, 3 medium or 6 shallow frames.  Very well made with no plastic parts (except for the honey gate).  They don't make them like this anymore.  Compare what they sale now and its price - with plastic parts for $470 (  Great Deal that is better quality than what you can get now for new.

Pierce Uncapping Hot Knife - This is a well made electric hot knife that speeds up the process of uncapping langstroth Deep, Medium & Shallow frames.

Are you unsure how to extract honey with an extractor and hot knife?  I will be happy to show you how.

Photos of Honey Extractor

 Pierce Hot Knife

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