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San Juan Apiaries

5 Frame Nucleus Colonies Available

We are again making available some of our over-wintered nucleus colonies & 2018 splits, from our local bee yards. Standard Deep Frame Equipment only. Not suitable for Top Bar Hive Application
Our Genetics:

Overwintered San Juan Carniolan Stock: Queens produced and bred from our own adapted survivor stock.

VSH Sourced Queens: USDA Baton Rouge Genetics (limited)

Russian / Carniolan X: Open mated (limited)

2018 San Juan Apiaries Splits / $300.00 ea. Limited quantities. Must email or call to reserve. No frame exchange.
* Overwintered 2018 nucleus colonies 2018 USDA VSH and or Russian X queens. $325.00 (Limited)
Pick up to be arranged for April and May (in Santa Fe)
*5 frame nucleus colonies will consist of a laying queen and a minimum of 2-3 frames of brood of her own heritage, along with adequate honey and pollen stores, and 1 frame of drawn comb or foundation for expansion.

*Limited Quantities

Email with questions or for additional information.

San Juan Apiaries / 505-424-7025

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Do you still have any left?

Ha!  I just told you to contact John Gange before seeing this post.  I hope he has some for you.  San Juan Apiaries is tops.

I will post again here if I have more available.  Currently I am booked up.  


Binny the best I can do at this time is to put you on a list for anyone who might cancel.  I can let you know if that happens. 

Thanks John

Thanks John, that would be great if you could do that.


Please email me directly with all your contact information so that I can get in touch with you regarding a nuc.  



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