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Greetings and happy New Year,

While cleaning out a dead top bar hive, I found a number of the following dead beetles mixed in dead bees (scale on pics below is mm).

To my very inexperienced eye, this seems to be small hive beetle (SHB)?  I am hoping someone can help confirm.

A bit of background: I believe I lost this hive due to verroa.  It was new package that was doing great and towards the end of summer came back mite results below threshold.  In the fall I noticed this hive being robbed and did another alcohol wash test that came back with > 30% mite count (I stopped counting mites).  I tried treating with oxalic dribble but it was too late; the yellow jackets, mites, and pressure from other hives was too much.

In the time I had this colony I inspected more than once a month till about sept, but never noticed these beetles.  Additionally, I did not see comb damage that the web tells me is typical with SHB.  In addition to ID confirmation, I am wondering if there is something I should do to prepare this hive for a new package come spring (if this is indeed SHB).  The hive body is currently empty and outside (each bar has spent at least 3 days in a deep freezer).  Anything further cleaning?

thanks for any help


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