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Has anyone else had trouble ordering package bees from Ed Costanza/A-Bee Honey?  I put in an order, paid and was confirmed for his April 17th delivery, but still haven't received them. 

I got an email April 23rd from him saying they were shipping that week, but again, haven't received.

I received one more email from him on April 30th that appeared to be shotgunned to all customers, but haven't heard anything since, despite several phone calls and emails that were unreturned.

So did I get scammed out of my money?

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Don't know, but I'm having the same concerns.  I ordered expecting April delivery.  I've sent him a couple of emails asking about date of delivery as I'm going out of town for the beginning of June and am getting concerned about getting my bees started before leaving.    Think I'll send off one more email to him.

My understanding is that Ed is on the road, delivering as he goes.. so it's probably difficult to keep in touch with people.. I was told that this Thursday, May 10th, that He'd be in the Albuquerque area delivering packages.. I've had a few unanswered emails too..but I wasn't promised April delivery either.. but I had hoped to get confirmation as to when and where by now.. if I remember correctly, He said that He had 600 packages to deliver... that could be a logistsical "challenge"..

If anyone hears from Ed, I might buy a package. Please let me know -- Howard Passell, 550 5752. Thanks  -- H.

Ed came by to install my bees a little over a week ago. We had some logistical issues in setting up a time but it worked out just fine for me! I found calling to work better than email, though, just FYI...

Where are you located Emily?.  Guess I'll try calling to see if I can get a date.  I wasn't given any date to hold on to.

You guys know Ed's number? Thanks  -- H.

I'm in the 87108 zip code. His phone # can be found here:

Hope everyone gets their bees soon!

That's weird 'cause I'm in the 87108 zip code also, so why didn't I get my bees when you did? Obviously you don't know the answer but....

Weird indeed. How frustrating - hope you get yours soon! (And good to know of a beekeeping neighbor :) )

Hi Emily,  Since you're in my neighborhood thought I'd ask you too if you know where I can get a smoker and beekeepers bonnet.  I'll need them .... soon I hope.  Still no idea as to when I'll get my bees.

I used Dadant too. They have a lot of choices!

Hi Emily,  I think you and I live right across the street from each other.  I'm on Georgia S.E.  Are you also?  I saw a topbar hive in the front yard, kitty corner across from me and then Jeff, who does work around my house called to say Hi and that he'd worked at a neighbor's, Emily.  He said this Emily has bees. So I'm thinking that must be you.  I'd love to meet and see your bees.

I got bees from Lance and their are in my hive!!


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