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I was called out yesterday to inspect some abandoned hive boxes on a property near Coors and Pajarito. There were 6 langstroth hives total, of varying sizes, on the property. Upon opening the hives it seemed like they hadn't been touched in months, tons of propolis on all the seams (hard to open), and the frames in the bottom boxes were connected to the frames in the upper boxes. There was no identification of any kind on the hives to determine who the owner might have been. If anyone recognizes these hives/bees please contact me.


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I guess this should have been posted in hives+bees.

Interesting, I find caches of hives periodically in remote areas south of where i live, near by neighbors tell me they are abandoned and they appear unmanaged, however I eventually find they do belong to some one.  Good Luck they seem to be in better shape than the ones I usually see.



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