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Agricultural Exemption using Honeybees Deadline Approaching

The last day to apply for the Agricultural exemption is next Friday, February 26, 2021. Some county assessors are closed on Fridays like Torrance County. We are supposed to have until March 1st since the last day of February falls on a weekend, but I am hearing otherwise. Honey bees count as livestock for the exemption. You must have 1.5 acres or more to apply. I have full details on our website at

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I went yesterday in Chaves and the lady said they don't qualify because they are not on the form. Smh

This lady is ignorant of the law (lacks understanding).  Here is one of several of the state statutes she is suppose to follow.  I have highlighted the one pertaining to bees being livestock.

Yes, bees are not on the form.  You write honeybees across the form in any blank spot.  Have her stamp the form showing they received it.  If you have any problems let me know and I will call them.  My number is 505-688-6210.


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