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And the winners of the 2013 NM State Fair Honey Division are...

A hearty congratulations to the winners of ribbons in the 2013 NM State Fair Honey Division. I counted 101 entries! Thank you so much to Laura Fiala and our judges Joe Wesbrook and Joran Viers. 

Amateur Section

Cut Comb Honey 335-339

336 Extra Light Amber

1st  CL Elliott

2nd  Chase Bramer

337 Light Amber

1st  Stephen Burton

2nd  Andy Duran

3rd  Randall Swartz

338 Amber

1st  Dorothy Vasquez

2nd  Elise Espinosa

339 Dark Amber

1st  Carolyn Hammack 

Chunk comb Honey 340-344

341 Extra White Light Amber

1st  Chase Bramer

342 Light Amber

1st  Stephen Burton

343 Amber

1st  Dorothy Vasquez

2nd  Stephen Burton

Extracted Honey 129

346 Extra Light Amber

1st  Christina Allday-Bondy

2nd  Mike Fickling

3rd  Chase Bramer

347 Light Amber

1st  DJ Nickles

2nd  Chase Bramer

3rd  Alma Rosa Silva

348 Amber

1st  Elliott Espinosa

2nd  Chase Bramer

3rd  Carolyn Hammack

349 Dark Amber

1st  Mike Griffin

2nd  Jesie Alvarado

3rd  Carolyn Hammack

Beeswax 130, 350

1st  Randall Swartz

Pure Beeswax Products 131, 351

1st  Jessie Brown

2nd  Louella Costanza

3rd  Randall Swartz

Photography 132, 352

1st  Randall Swartz

2nd Carolyn Hammack

3rd  Dave Ellis

Commercial Section

Commercial beekeepers have: any location or single beeyard North of I-40 where 15 or more colonies are located, or South of I-40 where 25 or more colonies are located

Cut Comb Honey 133

356 Amber

1st ?

2nd Megan Mahoney

Chunk Comb Honey 134

361 Amber

1st  Megan Mahoney

Extracted Honey 135

363 White

1st  Louella Costanza

364 Extra Light Amber

1st  Louella Costanza

365 Light Amber

1st  Louella Costanza

2nd  Megan Mahoney

366 Amber

1st  Taylor Horst

2nd  Megan Mahoney

3rd  Louella Costanza

Beeswax 136, 368

1st  Megan Mahoney

Juniors Section (18 and under)

372 Cut Comb, Light Amber

1st  Jason Burton

377 Chunk Comb, Light Amber

1st  Jason Burton

378 Chunk Comb, Amber

1st  Jason Burton

381 Honey, Extra Light Amber

1st Jason Burton

382 Honey, Light Amber

1st Jason Burton

383 Honey, Amber

1st  Amber Finkelstein

2nd Jason Burton

386 Pure Beeswax Product

1st Hannah Opel

2nd Abigail Opel


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