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Hello All!!


Just wondering if anyone is in a nectar flow...whats blooming in your neighborhood?

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There is very little nectar flow here in the foothills of the Ortiz Mountains.  The tamarisk was in bloom for about a week and the bees were happily harvesting.  Yellow clover has been in bloom for weeks but because the drought has been so bad, the rabbits have eaten most of it.  I had been feeding the bees up until about a week ago and made a note of how much honey there was in the hives and will be going into the hive today to see if the honey supply is about the same or less.  If it seems less, I will begin feeding the bees again.  We need rain...
I find the purple sage in bloom both in the N and S Valley's.  In fact the plants around my office have been incredibly covered with bees the last couple of weeks.  Not mine, because I live 21 miles away, but somebody's!  Also the alfalfa that hasn't been baled yet and that around the edges of fields that doesn't get cut has gone to flower.

in my garden, the bees are busy on mullein flowers, collard flowers, and, surprisingly, onion flowers (i usually just see wasps on the onions, but maybe they are on them bc there is not as much blooming).

they don't seem interested in the blooming alfalfa, sage or echinacea angustifolia. the yellow sweet clover is about past its prime; the bees seem to be ignoring it now.

The Russian Sage, Cat Nip and Desert Willow (I think that is what they are called - Flowering trees with bean pods in the Fall) are blooming strong in my neighborhood now and the bees are all over them.  Up to this point there has been little honey found in the supers.  Most of my hives are doing well with lots of capped brood just not much honey production.  I am hoping for some rain to provide a good strong flow of Purple Sage (that is found out and around the undeveloped, natural landscape surrounding my neighborhood).
We don't have a lot, but what we do have tastes like gin...
My tamarisk tree is in bloom and it's covered with lots of pollinators. Honey bees are on the oregano, thyme, cat mint, lemon balm, and lavender in my garden. Blue Mist Spirea is just starting to bloom and the bees love it. Many of my neighbors have Russian Sage blooming too. I have some nectar in my hive, and some honey, but not very much. I harvested a small amount of very pale honey - it's quite delicious!
My bees seem a little hungry to me.  They are all over excess honey that I've left out for them.  First time they have seemed so interested.

One top bar hive (swarm we put in in mid May) has a bar and a half of nearly finished, uncapped honey.  The other top bar (much smaller swarm, again mid May, transferred some brood over from the stronger hive) doesn't have any, and has robbed the honey from the bars we transferred.



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