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Is there a store in the Albuquerque area where one can buy beekeeping supplies such tools, instead of using catalogs?

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I have been told that the nursery at the corner of Osuna Rd NE in Albuquerque and I-25 has some beekeeping supplies, although I have not been there myself.

Also, Phill Remick sells some supplies.  his website is I think.  And in Bosque Farms Ken Hayes sells some equipment at his honey store, Hays Honey and Apple Farm.

Hope that helps.

...and Dan's Boot and Saddle on North 4th St. has some lang equipment, hive tools, veils,  and bee brushes.

Thank you for your responses, very helpful...

We carry supplies and bees.  Call us anytime if you have questions on beekeeping.  I have been keeping bees since 1966.  We have classes, conferences, conventions, videos and many other beekeeping related topics listed on our website at

Dans Boots and Saddle on 4th street in Los Ranchos has some supplies. Also going to the Beeks meetings they often have a few items you can buy as well.

Dans boots and saddles on 4th

Thanks everyone for your help...

You can contact Phill Remick of New Bee Rescue.  Phone:  505-589-4398

He sells all sorts of supplies - Langstroth hives.

Sarah Malone


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