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Our colony didn’t over winter, and a package we got from a friend (who got an extra) also failed. Are there any packages coming in in the next few weeks? 

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We have nucs available.  $225 4-5 strong frames 


What comes with your nucs?

Strong 4-5 frames of bees, brood, laying queen, honey, pollen, etc.  Transfer frames and bees into your equipment.  Sometimes we deliver, sometimes you bring back the nuc box.  All of our stock is local, overwintered swarms and splits.

I don't have my equipment yet. I might be interested when I do have it. Is the price set in stone?

Hate to jump on threads but anyone have bees still?

I have a 10 frame top bar nuk, what kind of hive were you planning to get?

Hi Cathy, I am looking for a top bar nuc, is yours still available? 

I have a 6 bar, right now, that I split last month.

Lang...How much?

Thanks Justin, but I’ll pass. Can’t put that much more into it right now.


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