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I keep hearing a lot about Flow Hives, pro and con.  But I have not heard from anyone with any actual experience.

Does anyone here have actual experience?

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Yes, We have a Flow Hive and have some actual experience over the past three years. Our initial ( and ongoing) challenge is learning how to manage a Lang hive since we only had experience with top bar hives. Our second challenge was getting the bees to accept the plastic frames. Possibly because we are using foundationless Langstroth technique our bees did not seem to like the plastic. Although we tried all the suggestions on the Flow website,  it took two years of trying before the bees would actually utilize the Flow Hive super. However,last year they finally accepted the flow frames. We had an amazing honey harvest and never had to disrupt / squash or otherwise alarm a single bee in the hive while harvesting. This year they immediately took to the Flow frame and we did our first harvest today. If you want more info or want to see the Flow hive at our place, feel free to contact me.




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