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Hi All,

Here is an awesome site which contains a wealth of information about bees.

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Thanks, Ivy!  I hope to see you soon!

Did I get it right, you will be selling package bees and nucs? Awesome, starting when and how much? I was supposed to have gotten bees on Wednesday but they are late and sadly I only ordered one package so I will have an empty top bar unless I find more bees. Hope you will have some. I would love Gallup bees.

Yes, I will be going to Colorado to pick up nucs in two weeks!  I will send you a private message regarding the details. 

Hi Rhett, Nice to hear from you. How are your bees?  Any more new hives?  What is growing in your area?  Here (Moriarty) fruit trees are blooming and dandelions.  My herbs are blooming, sage, and lemon balm, mint is growing but no blooms.  My poppies will be early this year. They already have a fat head. The clover is about 6 inches tall but no blooms yet. 

Yes, I went to Colorado and picked up a few more hives.  From here on out, I will be bringing in packages of bees and nucs for sale.  As of right now, we don't have much blooming in the mountains.  The hives that we have in Gallup are hitting some of the flowering trees.  I hope to plant clover at the ranch this fall.   


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