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It's pretty early in the season still, but the swarms are starting to fly already! I caught my first one of the season today, and it was a really nice swarm. Just wanted to let everyone know to be ready as this kind of caught me off guard.

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Lucky duck!

Is it a good time to do a split for swarm control? Is there someone I can contact that will volunteer help? My bees have started to make honey in a new super.

Hi Marc, mentor/mentee matches are being completed as we speak. Contact your mentor as soon as you receive their information and they should be able to help you determine if your bees are ready to split.


Is their a place on the forum to find a mentor? I'd like to if possible! 

Congrats on the find!  I have a top bar that I thought the bees were strong enough to over winter but noticed last week that they were all gone.  So I harvested all my honey.  Please let me know if you happen to see another swarm.  My phone # is 505-321-7571.  I live in Corrales 


I also live in Corrales and am on the swarm hotline list.  I would like to partner up with you on swarm calls if you want.  I am retired and can go just about any time.  My phone is 379-2791,

Maureen Arellano

Thanks for posting this, Tyler. I was just pondering which week to start the Swarm Call Hotline. I think I'll go with the earlier date!

When, where, how to sign up?  Chris

Hi Chris, 

looks like you successfully signed up for the swarm list. Information on the swarm hotline coming soon.



Thanks for the appears mine are getting ready.

I'm new to this and wanted to add a super but I don't have the equipment.

I have too many irons in the fire and am leaving the country in June.

So, whoever needs a swarm can contact me. I live off I40 and Juan Tabo. I'll post just as soon as it happens ;)

Nice to be among such an enthusiastic bunch!



Terri, maybe someone could come and help do a split from your hive just in case you miss it if they do swarm. They can swarm unexpectedly, and you may miss it. If that happens then they will probably move into someone's home where they run the risk of being poisoned. If you are open to it, then I'm sure someone here would be willing to come help with that. They would get the split, and it would lessen the likelihood the swarm goes unnoticed.

Thanks Tyler! I contacted Sarah just after posting and she's going to help me this week.

I'm so appreciative of the help!

Thanks for your suggestion.



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