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A neighbor contacted me a week ago and asked if we knew of anyone who did bee removals. The neighbor had friends with a bee hive on their front porch and they wanted them safely removed and relocated.

I sent my neighbor the list from our group to call. Today I learned no one from the list was available to remove the hive. The bee hive ended up being removed by an exterminator who didn't attempt to save the hive.

I was sad to hear this and my husband and I are kicking ourselves that we didn't say to call us if no one from the swarm and bee removal list could come out. We haven't ever removed a bee hive but we know the basic steps involved.

I know Covid, busy lives, it was a Sunday, may have been reasons no one could trap and rescue this hive. I'm not blaming anyone from our swarm and bee removal list.

I'm wondering if a bee friendly exterminator service needs to be added to this list to avoid this happening in the future.

Thanks for reading, Camille

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