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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am new here and was referred here by Antiguas Del Norte to locate a bee removal service. I moved to Socorro a little over three years ago and I live in an attached casita on residential property. When I moved in I soon learned the pictured below water main, which was never touched for who knows how long, held a beehive. I love bees and my dog and I never had a problem. My landlords are in their 80s and rarely to never go outside, let alone beyond the patio. The lid askew and against the fence in a corner of the property but they can't get in there, they go in through the hole in the top of the lid.

In the winter of 2018, my landlord's pipes froze on one side of the house and family members came over to check the few water mains on the property to try and fix the problem. Before I had the chance to tell them about the hive and suggest finding a bee removal service, out of possible sheer ignorance and the emergency at the time, they ripped out the hive and left it on the ground. I did cry as I cleaned it up later. Two weeks ago I notice activity again and called a local business that sells honey and they suggested the swarm may be stopping for a drink. A week later they were still there. I called Antiguas Del Norte and they said if there is pollen on their legs, they are for sure building a hive. They do indeed have pollen and are very active.

I don't want the same thing to happen again this winter if another plumbing issue occurs.  I would like to see the bees rehomed so I can put the lid back and try to plug that hole so another swarm doesn't move in. I have never made this kind of service call before and was looking for either a free or inexpensive service as my landlords and I are on a budget.

Thank you for your time.

--Chandra Reed

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Hi Chandra, has anyone replied to help you out? I know a couple people looking for swarms and can reach out to them.

No ma'am no one has. I have a list of contacts I keep forgetting to reach out to because it's been busy at work and I've been mildly ill. I called one yesterday and he said I had to find a listing here of people who specialize in swarms.  They've officially moved in the past month and have been carrying in pollen into the manhole.


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