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What percentage or how much honey does someone get who hosts a beehive?

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Hi, This is one of the many questions, I pondered this winter and researched. I finally decided my personal goals should drive management of my hosting relationships. So I look for individuals who show interest in beekeeping and I share the honey surplus based on their participation. I feel this helps motivate interested parties to consider becoming a beekeeper, and is a win win for all involved especially the bees. My sense  and hope is this helps support our beekeeping community by encouraging networking, and most of all it is usually much more enjoyable to work bees with someone else who is interested in our beekeeping journey. I feel 10 percent of the honey bees surplus is fair for a nearby hosting location with out property owner participation, if the property owner is participating with hive management it should increase in proportion to their particiption. Hope, my perspective helps.

Uno Antigua Del Norte,


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