Albuquerque Beekeepers

Urban beekeeping in New Mexico's largest city.

Beekeeper veil, used for 2 seasons. Like new. Goes over a hat and covers head.

Hive smoker, very good condition--used for 2 seasons only. Will throw in hive tool and brush.

Hive Boxes. I have four langstreth hive boxes with home made bottom and top boards. They are in usable condition though the purchaser may want to spiff them up a bit. I used them for two seasons and they work fine. The boxes are empty.

I painted them turquoise after seeing another beekeeper with turquoise boxes. Although boxes are typically painted white, it had no effect on the bees; the bees were fine with it.

Frames. I also have some wooden frames, several brand new and several used. New ones for $1.50 and used for $.75.


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These have been sold. FYI. Leslie

These have been sold. FYI. Leslie


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