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Let's start a thread to connect new and experienced beekeepers. Mentorship is an invaluable tool for beekeepers that builds community and is a learning experience for all involved. If you are a new beekeeper interesting in being mentored, or an experienced beekeeper interested in mentoring someone, please comment below your contact info, experience level, and what area you are in. 

Thank you!

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Hi. I am new to beekeeping and interested in finding a mentor. I have had a hive for 2 years now and somehow managed to keep them alive by reading books but I’d really like to find someone who has real experience that I can ask questions of and who could give me tips.

I am happy to answer beekeeping and swarm catching questions.  I have several years experience with Langstroth and TJ Carr Top Bar Hives.  Just send me an email and we can exchange numbers.  Email me at bigskyhoney AT


Hello! I am relatively new to beekeeping (this will be my second year), but my dad and I are planning to keep about 4 hives this summer. We'd love to touch base with someone who is willing to answer some questions and who might be interested in checking in every few weeks as the season kicks off. You can message me here or reach me at ahandley at Thanks!

I am in my second year and I need so much help... trying not to kill my bees this year! Especially if there’s anyone in the downtown/valley area who is will to mentor and answer periodic questions so would be very grateful!


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