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I have had several people asking me if I am bringing in 4 pound packages of bees again this year.  I am.  Please go to my web site to check it out.  It is now updated.

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Hi, I'm interested but I'll be gone the last week of March 30 thru April 5 for spring break. Tricky timing but keep me posted. thanks, Becky

I am willing to work with you if you want to get bees. I have installed other individual's packages for them in prior years because they were out of town. Obviously I can't do this for everyone, but I can help some people as long as we can work it out beforehand with equipment (hive bodies etc..). I can be pretty flexible but the fact of picking up bees is we have to rely on Mother Nature and she can be very unpredictable and more flexible than we want.  I ended up spending a couple extra days in California because of Her last year.


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