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We will have package bees, nucs and single hives for sale again this year.  Call us for prices or visit our website at  We will be delivering along selected routes from California through AZ, NM, TX, CO and OK. 


We are based out of Edgewood, NM but move our bees into the orange groves in Mesa, AZ in the winter to build up early and to produce a crop of orange blossom honey.  We also pollinate almonds in CA in February before moving our bees into the orange groves in Bakersfield, CA for more orange blossom honey.  While in Bakersfield we graft and raise our first queens in March to make up our nucs and single hives.  With the massive amount of bees in Bakersfield and the good weather we get good drone mating for our queens and a good gene pool.


The first week of April the bees are working mesquite and palo verde along the highway from Phoenix to Flagstaff.  We get good population growth and can observe the brood patterns of all the queens before delivery.


Packages are $150 with cage exchange, nucs $220 and single hives $290




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Hi, I'm interested. I had a poor queen and despite feeding this winter and wrapping the hive, they perished. There was a low mass of bees. They were a captured swarm but maybe a proven queen will be more productive.

Hi Becky,  70% of all swarms die the first year.  The problem is the queen is at least a year old.  The queen should always be replaced on swarms.  You also do not know the nature of queens in a swarm.  Most likely she is a queen of good stock.  Some swarms can have an aggressive nature.  Swarms from hives that produce a lot of bees can be from aggressive stock since they are more resistant to mites and diseases.  We will cover this in a class this Sunday in Albuquerque.  Send me your email address and I can send you a class agenda if you are interested.  If you want to order bees for this spring give us a call or give Craig Noorlander with Papa Bear's Honey a call.  He is bringing in a shipment from OH Bees.  Thanks, Ed (505-286-4843, Louella) 


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