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Bees in May are worth a load of hay, bees in June are worth a silver spoon, bees in July let them fly. My thanks to the many volunteers who manned the swarm list.  Do you have all the swarms you want?  May is prime swarm time but the swarm list volunteers end May 5th.  Is there another list that extends to the end of May?

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I have a person who needs a beekeeper for a removal of a hive on a gutter of the second story of his house.  His phone # is 331-5660.  If you would, please contact him and see if you can help him.  Thanks.

Maureen Arellano

Fellow beekeeper

Thank you Maureen.  Got a Rio Rancho beekeeper on this. 


This is Maureen again.  I have a gentleman who needs bees removed from a wall in his garage.  He is willing to take down the panel where the bees are.  He is in the NW part of town, closer to downtown not the north valley.  His name is Nick Silvas and his address is 935 Alta Monte NW (take Candelaria to 11th St to Alta Monte) and his phone is 341-0867.  Please call him if you can make it or let me know if you can't.

Maureen Arellano

Thank you Maureen.  Got a North Valley beekeeper on this. Should be taken care of by tomorrow afternoon.


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