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     I'm a newbee beekeeper w/ a strong topbar hive that got going from a swarm this spring.  As such, I have not built up wax.  I'm also a woodworker, and am interested in trying beeswax finishes on wood.  Anyone out there have an excess block or two, or know someone who does?

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HI Buckner, I'm also a newbee Beek and woodworker .. Sorry, I don't have any wax either.. but I was wondering if you'd share your finish recipe? I also use bees wax, when I have it, in sewing or lacing leather.. love the smell of it too... lol.  I seem to remember Elias Seidel (a future Beek, I'd guess, he's doing without a computer for now) telling me that he was finishing the outside of his Top Bar Hives with a mixture of linseed oil (Boiled?) with wax melted into it... seems like he said it was something like 1 part wax to 10 parts oil.. but I wouldn't swear to that.. .



A quick google search on "beeswax wood finish" turned up lots of recipes.  Here's a simple one:



hi there!  I have lots of wax...first rendering only...plan on filtering further when I have more time.  How much do you need?  I am also interested in using beeswax finishes on wood....on the list





Megan, thanks for the offer.  I've contacted you.


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