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I called ABQ biopark for info on tonight's lecture. They don't have it on their schedule.

Is it happening?




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I spoke with Dr Bennett, the NMSU Integrated Pest Management Specialist, and evidently this is a talk she arranged.  
I'm not sure why the BioPark doesn't have a master calendar that shows private events as well as the ones they've arranged, but when I asked them about it on their FB page they didn't know much about it.

That would concern me if I hadn't gotten a message from Dr Bennett herself.

No.  I drive from Edgewood and I did not feel comfortable without even a building to head for at the Biopark. 

Don't blame you!

I politely brought it to staff's attention that no one answering the phones or email had known anything about this event and was told "that's not true!".  
So they weren't receptive to the problem or interested in fixing it for future talks.  :(

Teresa, were you able to make it to the talk?


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