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Hi all. I’m currently putting together a top notch State Fair

Planning Group! Interested? Great!!! Last year we had a fantastic showing at the fair with a huge assortment of honey and a booth set up with an observation hive. Anybody who worked the fair knows that we were constantly answering questions and sharing information with the public on bees. 

This group will work on the wording for entries, making a pamphlet, and getting our group pumped for any activities we decide to participate in... State Fair Parade? Live Beekeeping Demonstration? Observation hive? Candle Making Demo’s? The sky is the limit and we have the manpower!

You can message me or leave a response to this discussion or email me directly at

Jessie Brown 


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Thank you for your great response! The first item we'll address is State Fair Entries. If you don't have time to contribute, feel free and let me know if there is anything you would like to add to the entries section of the fair or anything you want to change!


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