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Does anyone want to carpool up to Santa Fe next Saturday for the Randy Oliver summer seminar?

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I am game.
There is a "Park-n-Ride" in Bernalillo, NM at Exit 242 (I-25 & Highway 550). I have room for Two more occupants in my car. I will be leaving the Park-n-Ride Saturday morning around 8:30am. Let me know if you want to join my carpool.
Nice! Nasser, may I recommend carpooling with Randy? I'm still working out our schedule for that day and he sounds like a more sure bet than I ;-)
since i need to come back after the seminar is over, my ride with Randy will not workout. I could drive up there if you need a ride. let me know.
Nasser, I am interested in sharing the ride. Where are you starting from? I am by UNM in Nob Hill.
Thanks, Miguel Sarria
If you can meet me at our house by 8:45 we will have 1:15 to get there, plenty of time.
2907 commercial St, Ne 871017, 823-4598
See you tomorrow.
Are you in Bernalillo or Albuquerque? If you are in Abq, maybe I can meet you somewhere in town and catch a ride. Otherwise, I will meet you in Bernalillo.
I live off Highway 550 just west of Bernalillo - Northern Rio Rancho to be exact. I will be staying after the seminar to attend a dinner with the NMBKA board members and Randy Oliver. You are welcome to join us. I just will not be returning back to Bernalillo until later that evening. Will that be OK with you?
Since I need to get back to Abq after the seminar, I will find a different way to get there. Thanks again for the offer.


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