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I got a call Thursday 4-23 about a swarm in a small automotive repair shop on Yale and Caesar Chavez area. When I got there the owner pointed to a large 5 gal. shop vacuum setting about a 100 ft. away from the shop.  He said that morning there was a swarm in the ceiling corner of the shop. He left them alone and later in the morning someone told him about the hot line or so to call. When he went to check on them they were mostly gone, but some were flying around this old vacuum setting on a top shelf close by. He was not sure where the bees were but took the vacuum off and out side into the parking lot.

I got there a little later and the vacuum and bees were just waitting for me, I toss a small blanket over it and tied it down. Took it home where I had my empty hive box setting since my hive froze in the last snowstorm. It still had honey left over from the last guys.

I carefully as a man who has never done this before tried to pour the bees from the vac in to my cleared  top box, nothing ever goes as easy as you think it might, there was a lot of trash in that old vac. So I scooped them out by hand in to the box, several large handfulls of bees went smoothly into the box and hundreds into the air, which was still ok. The lid where the motor is at I had set to the side and when I picked it up it had hundreds and hundreds clustered around the motor. I used my little yellow hand brush and carefully sweep most of those too into the box. I covered the box but left a small opening on one of the sides because the air still had lots of flying bees. Inside the box the majority had made their way down into the frames there had to be several thousand that came to visit. after about half hour the air was clear.

I think they like it here for when I checked two days later the hive was a humming and my big beautiful Sage in bloom was covered with happy campers.


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Greaty story. I wish all my swarm captures were that easy. Trying to figure how to get one that is sitting up in a tree outside of my office right now. If only I hade a man lift. :-)

Sweet ! what a great stroke of luck .

Cool story!  I was worried the shop owner had killed them all with the shopvac!   LOL


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