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Hi beekeeping community. 

The Certified Beeks Planning Committee are looking for leadership to kick off the Certified Beeks Program.

We are looking for a Certified Beeks Coordinator. He/she will preside at all Committee meetings and training sessions and will coordinate and facilitate the activities of the program.

Requirements are passionate about bees, organized, capable of public speaking, have some beekeeping experience, have some experience in community development and planning, and able to volunteer for a 2 year commitment. 

Interested? Please write a one page letter of interest and email it to the Certified Beeks Planning Committee at by September 25, 2013. 

What is ABQ Certified Beeks?

A program to provide training for local backyard beekeepers, organized through the New Mexico Beekeepers Association with cooperation from the New Mexico State University Bernalillo County Extension Service and the City of Albuquerque Open Space.


Provide quality education on backyard beekeeping in the context of responsible urban farming for the Albuquerque Metro Area.


  1. Community education and outreach
  2. Consistent training on best practices
  3. Maintain online resource and open beekeeper (education/outreach) meetings
  4. Provide mentoring access for beekeepers
  5. Promote the development of healthy, gentle hives suitable for an urban environment
  6. Provide volunteers for community hives
  7. Support streamlined approach for managing swarms

We look forward to hearing from you, 

Planning Committee: Chantal Forster, Jerry Anderson, Jessie Brown, Jodi Hedderig, Joran Viers, Randy Swartz, TJ Carr, Taylor Horst


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Do you have an estimate of how much time this position might require on a monthly basis? many meetings/sessions are anticipated?


Hi Christina, thank you so much for asking about the program. Abq Certified Beeks is a brand new, so the amount of time needed is unknown and dependent on how much time the coordinator wants to spend. Anticipated meetings are a teacher training session, quarterly meetings with the Standing Committee and any planning/prep meetings leading up to the beginning of the program. 


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