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My family is starting an Urban Homestead here in Downtown Abq.

We will be receiving our 1st chicks this coming spring and will be planting a straw bale garden, fruit trees, raised strawberry bed, herb garden and lots of other perennial plantings - I know, busy this spring, right ?

So our plans for bees won't start until spring of 2015, if that. My wife and I are interested in other homes keeping both bees and chickens and specifically would like to help out with anyones bees this coming year to gain experience. Can we come visit any apiary's ? Downtown beekeepers ?

Thanks - Sam

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I live in the heights but welcome anyone to come over when I am working with the bees.

I have an extra veil that you can use.

We will start working with the hives when the weather gets warmer, about April.

Come to the beeks meetings also for lots of good info.


Sounds great Mike ! Appreciate the offer. I plan to attend the meetings too.

There's one coming up in Jan. right ?

I have both and the free range chickens do not interact with my bees at all.  They don't mess with the live ones or even eat dead ones on the ground near the hive.  Now my garden isn't so lucky I had to cage my green chili after the birds ate every leaf on them!

I am up near San Mateo and Montgomery area, look forward to seeing you at the BEEKs meetings.

Good luck!

Great news about the two - thanks. Yes, I plan to start attending the meetings. Are you on Facebook ? Here is the name of our page for our Urban Homestead - "7 Heavenly Hens GARDEN" , if you're interested. You'll see a lot of current posts on bees as we are now sold on raising our own. I'd like to see your garden setup sometime if possible.

Thanks again for the feedback.


Hi Samuel, I happen to live downtown with both chickens and bees if you ever want to check out my setup or open up the hives. Msg me at 

Great Jessie - thank you for the offer . I'll take you up on that :)


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