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If you are interested in attending a 1-2 hour class on the tax benefits of beekeeping and farming please send me an email to  I am contemplating a Sunday afternoon class but can make it on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evening if this is better.  If it is on a Sunday we will include a bar-b-que.  There is no charge for the class.  The IRS has allocated special tax rules for farming which include beekeepers.  We will also cover how to fund your beekeeping expenditures with your tax withholdings.

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Hello Ed,

I am new to beekeeping, to ABQ Beekeepers and have just joined Sandoval County group.  I'm very interested in your class on special tax benefits of beekeeping.    My day-to-day schedule is flexible, and a Sunday is fine.   Not sure if you've already done this, but would like to know if it is scheduled for future.   My travel schedule from Dec. 1 through Jan. 11 is hectic but may have a hole or two in there.      Also looking forward to meeting you and any other members of the Sandoval County group.  

Hi Albert,

I am tentatively scheduling the class for Sunday, December 18th in the afternoon.  I will keep you posted on the date.  If you are not able to attend we will have a DVD of the class we can give you.


Thank you, Ed, for your reply and the information.   I've got your class date of Dec. 18 penciled in and will stay in touch for any updates.   


Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Albert Gibson

Ed, is still happening on Sunday?  If so, Where?  I would still like to attend.


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