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I'm shoveling up some cow manure in the South Valley tomorrow for my smoker. If you want some, let me know and I will pick up a bag for you. I live downtown. Msg me and I will give you my address to pick it up. 


I know all you country-folk beekeepers are laughing right now, but it's hard to get manure in the city!

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Hi Jessie,

Road apples aka horse manure works better and there are lots of horses in the north and south valley.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the heads up Tim. I have never used road apples in my smoker. I like how cow manure stays firm. Easier for me to store, but maybe I'm missing out on a good thing with horse.
That's funny. I want some manure for my garden!

Oooh ooh,  I am hankering for some.  I can get some horse manure thru a neighbor but not sure it's as good, plus it's from the racetrack and I'm not sure I like what they inject their animals with all too often.

A friend of mine has a cattle ranch too but he keeps forgetting.

Am I too late?  Will you be shoveling again?  I can help and maybe get some for the old homestead as well!

Hi Jessie,
You've been friended, and thank you so much!  I'll check back there for more details!
I'm all out! Check in again in mid June. I might be picking up another load.
I have a bag of horse manure from a friend.  I'm a beginning topbar beekeeper, but also a woodworker.  I'm looking for a block of beeswax to try finishing wood.  Thoughts?
I only have about 4 oz of wax on hand now. I suggest you post that you are looking for wax on the main forum. I bet some people are harvesting honey right now and will be acquiring wax again. Many people don't have use for their wax/ cappings. I'm planning a harvest in 3 weeks if you are still looking for wax by then.

Hi Jessie,

    Realize you're 'out' of the CM right now, but would you mind sharing where you shovel it up?  Or is it private, a friend of friends sort of thing?   I could really use about a 5 gal bucket's worth, and would be glad to go and shovel, by self or with you or others.  I work during the week, and thus the weekend is best for me.  Thanks for any info or direction here.  Peggy

Hi Peggy. I'm out of town right now until mid June, but I plan on getting more when I return. I will keep you posted. I was asking that people "friend me" so that I didn't have to post my home address on this public forum.


Thanks again for the manure.  I went to check on a hive I have at a neighbors house.  After checking on the bees my neighbor invited me into his house for a few minutes.  His wife asked me what smelled so good.  I told her that she could be smelling the smoke from my bee smoker.  She agreed that was what she was smelling. I didn't dare tell her that I use cow manure in my smoker.  It was funny.  Not only does cow manure produce a good smoke, it also smells pretty good (at least to some people) :-)



Randy, totally funny story and great new profile photo!


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