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Hi lovely beekeepers! I have an opportunity to present to you: there is a long established hive in a wall (the kind that his made to look like adobe...(but is some sort of framing, 'chicken wire', and plaster) that needs to be removed. The location is in Los Ranchos. They have gotten an estimate from a very well-known, respected, and talented beekeeper, but are having some hesitation as the hive is in a wall that is partly the homeowner's responsibility and somewhat the HOA's responsibility. They're being tight fisted to put it plainly. If you're interested in doing a cut-out and have experience please send me an email at I'd be glad to help. I haven't done any cut-outs so I am not going to do the job alone, but I am more than willing to help and I offered the option of beekeepers taking the bees/honey for payment and then the owner and association paying for wall repair. Best to all of you!

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