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Didn't expect this when I signed up on the Swarm List Help!

A North Valley resident was just referred to me by the County Extension Office. I thought "Wow! a swarm!" well sort of, the bees moved into a gazebo, well sort of, they're in the framework. He sprayed them with bug spray and now they're coming out of light switches and stair cases. Now I'm over my head.
I told the guy I'd get back to him today with some advise on what to do. I don't have anyone's phone number. if you can help mine is 505-300-7359.

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I called the guy back and asked him what he sprayed the bees with and he told me it was a wasp and hornet spray a relative gave him. He said he didn't spray a lot just a little in the main opening where they seemed to be. I recommended he contact a pest control professional

From what I was hearing the bees had moved well into the framework of the gazebo and he was concerned about having to cut into the decking to get them out and he wasn't prepared for that level of operation or the expense that would entail. 

On a more positive note I helped a friend out on Memorial Day inspecting her Langstroth hives. We added supers to two of them that appeared to be honey bound. There was a third  hive that had swarmed possibly twice and appeared to be preparing to swarm again. My friend took out a brood frame which appeared to have an unopened queen cell and placed it in a box for me. She then dumped a bunch of bees off of a winter feeder we removed from another hive into the box with the frame. I was horrified...I closed the lid and sealed the box and took it home anyway. I was amazed to find no dead bees at all when I arrived. 

I have two empty top bar hives at home so I carefully placed the Lang Frame propped on a block of wood in about the center of the hive so there was plenty of space around the queen cell. There are two bars of fresh empty comb up front and in the back I put a piece of honey comb from my freezer for emergency food. Now I'm waiting to see if they survive. I need to check to see if the queen survived. Then she needs to go on here maiden flight and return fertile. I don't know if I should buy a queen and introduce it to a couple hundred bees or if I should just wait it out and hope for a miracle to happen. 


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Tell him not to spray them and have him call someone that is local from the report a swarm list:


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