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Dissertation on using oxalic acid to control varroa mites

Thanks Jodie for an incredibly informative discussion of hive diseases, particularly varroa mite control.

I had indicated that I had run across a PhD thesis on the subject.  Here's the link.  A lot of information, but I found some sections very helpful and a complement to things discussed last night.

I hope you find this helpful

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Thanks Joe for sharing this study,

I noticed it was published in 2008, I mention this as other treatments have developed since then using Oxalic acid (OA). For example, commercial operators have found that vaporization has shown good results when properly applied as well as the OA towel method which is gaining popularity, neither of these methodolgies were mentioned in this thesis as they were not in use at the time it was written however It would be interesting to see how effective the current methodologies are when compared side by side with the method tested in this study.


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