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I installed two packages in April.
One had a queen die, and she was replaced her. That hive is doing great.

The other hive with the original queen is doing okay, but does not seem to have nearly the same number of bees, and nowhere near the same amount of energy.

So here are my questions.
1. It is really hot. I don't see many nectar plants. Should I go back to feeding the bees?

2. Should I be thinking of re-queening the slow hive while there is still time left before winter?

3. On the active hive, I put a super on there, and they have built a few frames of honey. On the slow hive, the super is untouched. Should I remove it?

4. On the slow hive, I put the entrance reducer back in ( to the wide setting) because I thought they may be getting robbed. I am concerned it may be difficult for them to maintain the temperature. (I have broodminder sensors in there and the hive seems to be staying @95)

5. The slow hive also seems to have a significant number of dead bees in front. This is why I thought there may have been robbing. Is there something else I can or should look for?

Thanks in advance

Ron Nolte

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