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I purchased a TBH from Jason Fink on Friday so I could do a trap/cutout this coming Tuesday. Then I got a call to capture a swarm on Saturday! How lucky is that? Now, I still need an empty box to do the cutout. Anyone have an extra box? The homeowner is really cool. She is allergic to bees but does not want to gas them. I would like to help her save them. Any takers???

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I have several 8 frame boxes if you would like to use them,  I have no idea what your time line is or why you specifically want to use top bars.  I would like to have a new hive of bees or not. You can call me at 353 0953. Thanks Chris

Thanks Chris! I was hoping to use TBH partly because of the style of cutout that it is but more importantly because I am new to all of this and have only used top bars. I don't think I would know how to keep them contained in a frame with old comb in place of frame. Spacing and support issues?? Have you done a cut-out before? I have not but this one looks pretty easy. I may be calling on you if the original host for these that I have in mind does come through.

How did this cutout go?  Was it everything you hoped for? Did you find a TBH in time.  I've only done one cutout which involved removing plywood siding from a shed that was to be torn down. Thanks to bad vacuuming technique we lost the bees.  On the up side the client was delighted that the hive was gone and I learned a valuable lesson by my own bad example. I know the answers to your other questions but they are mostly not relevant to installing a cutout into a TBH or not as I understand your choice of hiving systems.  Just curious.  Chris


I haven't done the removal yet. I will keep you posted if you would like to be included. I don't think that I am even going to neec a vac for this one. The home owner allowed me a little more time to pool resources seeing as how this colony has been there for 2 seasons already.


I tried to get these bees out and it looks like it is not going to be as easy as expected. They are further in the roof the structure than we originally thought. I will probably need a vac and some repelling gear. And some helpers. Any takers?

Hi Lara,

I might bee able to help give me a call.

803 4309

Talk soon


Thanks Chase

let me know if you still need help..ron 8046794


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