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I picked up a rather large swarm in old town and this am, I peeked in the top.  Didn't open it up just peeked in, and the swarm in the box looked MUCH smaller than the group I put in on Sunday.  They were hanging out  in the corner of the box.  Did I lose a bunch of bees?  And, if I did, what does that mean?  Antoinette


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It may mean you didn't get the queen and the bees have no reason to stay. Did you ever see her?

I didn't see the queen

but the little group is still in there and they seem to be coming and going.

Hi Antoinett,

There is not enough information to determin what has happened to your swarm.  Here are a few questions that would help us make a determination:

1.  Did you relocate the swarm to a new location that is a safe distance from the old hive (say 1/4, 1/2 1 mile or more)?

2.  Did you transfer the swarm to a new hive or are they in the same box?

3.  Did you relocate the bees to a new location within an hour or two or did you leave them at the site where you captured them over night?

4.  When you left with the bees did you see any bees left behind of any significatant size such as a softball or larger?

5.  Did you leave the bees at the old site unattended for awhile and go back later to remove them?\

6.  How big a group of bees that remain?  The size of golf ball, base ball, softball, etc....?

The key is if you still have the queen.  Without the queen you have nothing but some bees that will produce you nothing but grief.  If you have the queen, you will see a solit pattern of brood with in a week.  If not you will see a lot of scattered brood that looks as if bullets are being pushed up out of your bees wax.

I would put out a notice for an experienced beekeeper to come look at your bees and give you some advice.  I would do so but I am heading out of town to work bees.

I will have my computer with me so I can help answer any of your questions.



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