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Double Deep Hives loaded with bees in both hive bodies out of almonds available the first week of April 2018. We also have nucs and single hives listed on our website ( Our Double Deep Hive with Bees ($600) are two 10 frame hive bodies with bees and a fall queen, Frames are a combination of drawn comb with bees, brood, honey (nectar in various stages of ripening), pollen and 2 frames with foundation (to give the queen room to lay to delay swarming). These hives went into almonds the first week of February with a minimum of 6 frames of brood for pollination. This Double Deep hive has a temporary screened bottom for transport only. It is designed for the beekeeper who wants to make honey early in the spring then have the option to do their own splitting into two single hives or several nucs (3-6) over the summer. If the bees are placed in a decent location in the spring these hives can produce 60 pounds of honey and upwards in the spring. We placed a test hive in Mesa, AZ near the orange groves and stacked 4 supers of drawn honey comb and this test hive produced 144 pounds of honey before the end of April. Several of the keys to produce this much honey was a strong hive out of almonds and the supers of drawn comb. Placing foundation only will reduce the honey flow. This hive is ideal for the person who needs early pollination, wants honey and desires to build up their hives or to sell nucs and package bees. We will produce a video for those who want to sell nucs or build up their hive numbers. We have a number of customers that we can refer to you who want to purchase nucs in your area. Order early, we expect to be sold out of these by December 31, 2017. Call 505-286-4843 to reserve hives

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do you have bees ,now?

Hi Ron,

I have kept a few hives that did not make the trip to AZ.  I understand you need some for an observation hive.  Will your observation hive be a Langstroth?  How many frames will it have?


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