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I have been using Eco Wood Treatment and Preservative for several years now to protect my hive supers, tops and bottom boards.  Eco Wood Treatment is a 100% non-toxic (organic) plant and mineral based product that has been used for over 60 years in Canada and other countries.  It's uses are many.  The application is simple, and you never have to paint or stain using potentially harmful products.  Eco Wood Treatment is harmless to the environment, people, and our bees.  If interested please contact me directly as I have a manufacturer's supply on hand.  I have found this product to be very economical as well. I have had a lot of interest in this product, so thought I would share.  



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Thanks for the info.  I went to the Website and it displayed the logo of Home Depot and Lowes. Have you ever tried to purchase this locally?  This looks like it would be much easier to apply on hive boxes than paint.  The UV rays here in NM are so harsh on things.  Do you think a hive box treated with this product will last as long as one that has been painted?



Apologies regarding the link.  The parent company has a Canadian website  I am in the process of creating a website locally for better information.  The Eco Treatment comes in a "dry package" that you mix with water (1) gal at $17.95 or (5) gal at $75.00.  The mix ratio is for imperial gallons so its more than a US gallon.   You can brush, roll, spray or dip.  In the past I have just brushed it on but this year I plan on mixing up a few gallons and dipping, as I have a lot of new equipment I want to treat.  I have had boxes treated with Eco that have been out in the weather for over 3 years now.  They look like new.  Once treated it doesn't peel like paint, and you only apply once, there is no need to re-apply. Clean-up is just rinse with water.  Once applied, the Eco changes the color of the wood to a light brown "silver patina".  I really like the product because its 100% organic.  The Home Depot and Lowes link on that website are for the Canadian stores.  You can't purchase it in the local stores in the U.S.   

I used eco wood on all my new hives this year.  I am excited to see how it works.  Much easier to apply than paint and non toxic.


Do you still have a supply of the Eco Wood Treatment?  If so how much is it?


Steve let me check what I have left, I should have both the (1) gal and (5) gal mixes available.  $17.95 and $75.00 plus shipping charges if needed.  How much will you need?





I found that you order it from Home Depot.  It is 16.49 for a gal. or 74.49 for five gal., plus shipping, but right now it you send $45 shiping is free.


Do you coat the inside of the hive too?

Ted you can apply it using a brush or roller or dip the boxes in the solution.  I usually mix up a couple gallons at a time and do 20-30 supers at a time dipping them into a large plastic bin.  I'll try to attach a couple pictures on my profile they don't seem to want to attach to this post for some reason.      

Ted, sorry, yes when you dip the boxes into the solution the inside surface absorbs the solution as well.  You use more solution for each box but its so fast.  I can do 40-50 boxes in less than an hour.  Naturally you can dip bottom boards, inner covers etc.  Any wood that will be exposed to the elements.  I did post a couple pictures on my profile.  The stacked supers were just dipped.  They turn a lot darker once they are exposed to rain and sun.  The picture of the yard shows the boxes after being exposed for a few years.


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