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Hello fellow beekeepers!  I am shrinking my operation this year due to time constraints in my life.  I have a location in the deep South Valley of Albuquerque that has been one of my top producing locations over the last few years.  The homeowner is very supportive of bees, there is good access, hives are behind a fence and there is lots and lots of clover in the area.  I am not going to be able to use this location any longer and the homeowner has asked me to help them find a new beekeeper!  That could be you!  This location can easily support 4-6 colonies.

The homeowners are not beekeepers and do not help with the beekeeping.  If you have experience keeping bees at someone else's home, please reply to this post.  The homeowners are great people and I want to make sure to hand them over to a responsible member of our network.  Besides doing the beekeeping you will need to keep the grass down around the colonies, which can require significant effort at some points during the summer months since the colonies usually sit in an irrigated field. Usually doesn't hinder access but does mean grass is prolific.


Taylor Horst

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