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Hello Everyone!

This is my first year beekeeping and I would love to get some feedback and input on some specific questions I have.  I’m quickly realizing there are MANY hive management styles- and would love to hear from others and learn from your experiences.  First, I’m in NE ABQ, I’ve decided on a Langstroth hive, specifically 8 frame mediums, and I should be getting my bees mid April.  I like the standardization of having a Lang  (easy sharing of resources if need be), but decided I would go foundationless, I prefer not to use plastic.  The Lang frames I’m using have a wedge comb guide on the top bar.  So here are my questions- 1.  Since I'm starting totally fresh, so no foundation, no existing comb, am I taking a big risk that I’ll have comb issues?  2.  Should I consider alternating foundationless frames with frames with foundation just to get started?  3.  I noticed that I can actually fit a 9th frame easily into the hive box, should I consider putting in a 9th frame? Just in the brood box maybe?  4. If I stick with 8 frames, how should I space out the frames (i.e., just evenly spaced out or a cluster close together in the center).  Thanks in advance!  Really appreciate your help.

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