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I have a friend in Algodones with a pretty healthy Lang hive about 4 boxes high. It has been ignored for many years. The foundation is long gone and it has been neglected so long that I can't get the frames out without breaking them. I need some help and advice. They really just need to start over. I want to go out there and get a new hive set up and then dismantle the old one. It will be difficult since I can't get the frames out. I want to find the queen if I can. That will solve the biggest problem, of getting the bees out of the hive. Otherwise, I set up a new hive and then brush off bees as I dismantle the old one and hopefully the bees will go to the new hive. This will have to be done on a weekend since I work full time. Let me know if you have advice or could help me. I could use a couple of people to help.



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Are you planning on moving the hive or keeping it at its present location?  Dan

I'm planning on leaving it where it is. It may move a few feet but that would be all, so, it will stay in its present location.

is the hive 4 deep hivebodies? Are the bees agressive.?

It is one hive that is 4 deep. The bees did not seem to be aggressive.

The easiest way would to put 2 mediums with frames and foundation above them.  Check those to see if the queen has come up and is laying in them. When you can be sure she is in them, place a queen excluder under the two mediums and make an entrance for the lower supers right under the QE and close off all other entrances to the bottom supers.  make an entrance for the new supers must above that.  After a month you should be able to set up the 2 supers right beside the old hive and the bees will rob it out. 


I'll call you this weekend and we can talk further about this.


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