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I am selling my recently purchased Varrox Eddy battery powered oxalic acid vaporizer.

The Varrox Eddy it an oxalic acid evaporator with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery,  This allows treating without lugging around power generators or heavy batteries.  In contrast, the Eddy weights around 1.5 lbs including the battery.

To use, dose one of the two included removable metal bowls, place the unit in the hive, press a button and wait a couple of minutes for the vaporizer to sublimate the OA crystals.  When the treatment cycle has completed and the unit has cooled, an LED indicator changes color.  It then be removed from the hive and you can move on to the next hive for treatment.  

I purchased this earlier in the season when my apiary was much smaller.  I now have too many hives to treat with one battery charge, so I am going with a different unit.  It varies a bit by dosage amount, but I used for one session, treating about 12 hives from one battery charge and had no issues. It was so much easier than using a generator.

Please note the Eddy requires an opening of at least 6/10 of an inch high and about 3.5 inches wide to insert into the hive (fits most standard Langstroth openings),

See the manufacturer page and a review of the unit at the bottom of the page here

I paid $495+S/H but would be happy to sell for $400

Text/Call if interested: 505.363.8495



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