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is there a flyer for the bee and garden tour coming up?  a friend with a business wants to put something up in her store. thanks you.

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Hi Gretchen, the Apiary Tour is only open to NMBKA and ABQ Beeks memebers and their friends, not the general public yet. Opening it to the general pubic is our goal in the upcoming years. Thanks!

ah, ok thank you. I mistakenly thought since ABQ had the big "Bee City" thing, that this was open to public this year. I am sorry I will miss it this year too.



Don't know what kind of business your friend has, but would they be willing to sponsor the tour?  A donation or  in-kind gift for the raffle in the $25-$50 range would get them on the tour's website as a sponsor with a link to their company site.  
The money raised goes to the maintenance of this ABQBeeks site, NMBKA, and Slow Foods ABQ.

Do you think your friend might be amenable to that? Someone from the Apiary Tour Committee could follow up if so!  :)

quite possibly. she owns a coffee and tea store.  I will speak to her.

G Rieck


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