Albuquerque Beekeepers

Urban beekeeping in New Mexico's largest city.

We made it!


Kudos to all you beekeepers and yes, even bee-havers, for giving your best shot to nurturing honeybees this season in Albuquerque. And don't worry, if your bees didn't make it, there's always next year. Together, we will get to sustainability.


2013 Leadership Team 

As you may know, this group was first created in 2008 by Jerry Anderson and I've been organizing things for the past 3 years. It's been a deep and pure pleasure to work with each of you. Thank you for exploring the beekeeping journey with me.


Someone once told me that as a volunteer, you've only got 3 good years in you, so now it's time for me to turn things over officially to the highly-skilled duo of Jessie Brown and Megan Mahoney. Jessie has already been brilliantly running our meetings, organizing the State Fair and more, for the past several months. So you're in wonderful hands.


Thank you, Jessie & Megan, for devoting your time and creativity to evolving ABQ Beeks in new ways. I look forward to seeing where you take us!


Watch for the 2013 meeting schedule at:


Master Beeks Launching in 2013

To build a sustainable "parent organization" for ABQ Beeks AND to formalize community education and outreach, I'm part of efforts to launch a "Master" or "Certified" beekeeping program for Albuquerque. It'll be part of the NMSU Bernco Extension Office much like Master Gardeners. This program will be the official sponsoring organization behind ABQ Beeks and I'm excited to devote my energy to this important effort.


What will change? For this group, not much will change except you'll need to sign in to attend our free monthly meetings which will otherwise proceed as normal. And of course, you'll be welcome to attend training to become a "Certified Beekeeper" in Albuquerque!


Watch for details on this site soon...


Here's to healthy community in Albuquerque!


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2013 is going to be a great year and thank you Chantal and Jerry for your hard work!!!!

Kudos to Chantal and Jerry!  May 2013 bee a beeutiful year!

That's great news is there any hope to have the "Master" or "Certified" beekeeping program class here in Roswell?

Hi Kevin, what a super vote of confidence! We're starting here in Albuquerque with the local NMSU Extension but if it goes well, we hope to work with a statewide organization like perhaps NM Beeks to see if we can't do something for everyone. Let's see how Year 1 goes!

I hope everything goes well.  Any time frame and dates for the class in Albuquerque?

Yep. We're looking to launch in March 2013. Watch this site for more details. Thanks for being interested!

many heartfelt thanks to those who have kept things going! many kudos for those taking on the task!!

Thanks Chantel for leaving good beekeeper to lead us on in apiculture. Im looking foward to growing with the group and especially sharing about BVT, bee venom, & stings for arthritis.

Thanks, everyone. You're in superb hands! Here's to healthy bees in 2013.

I want to personally acknowledge the fine work of Chantal and Jessie, both of whom have done a wonderful job of helping ABQ Beeks survive and grow. Every organization reflects its membership, of course, and all the rest of you are to be commended as well. I'm looking forward to watching the Beeks continue to grow in the future. :-)


Hugs right back at ya!


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