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Just getting a feel for this year's swarm season. Have you caught one this year? If so when and where?

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I caught one, from a small nuc of mine on Sunday.



I caught one March 26 at Brentwood Hills neighborhood 87112.  An excellent catch, and I gave it to another beekeeper the next day.

I caught one in Corrales last Sunday. The mother hive was in the parapet about 10 yards from the swarm, and they were removed as well.

We got one this morning near Juan Tabo and Menaul.  Nice soccer ball size swarm.   Poked around and found the issuing hive next door in the floor of a shed.

The home owner told me this is the second swarm that she has had in her back yard this year.

Had another one today. Same as Darren, I looked around and found the mother hive a few yards away in a parapet! This one was near Spain and Tramway.

Got my first one of the season today up near Arenal and Unser.

Caught one last Sunday Washington and Indian School

I caught one yesterday on my birthday! They were on Guadalupe Trail in the North Valley.

Happy Birthday Carolyn!! A swarm is a great birthday present from nature!! :)

Happy Birthday, I caught one in the far Northwest side of Abq, on your Birthday. 


They are certainly starting the swarm season with a bang. I caught three over the weekend. One of them, right after I caught it, I was talking with the homeowner and he pointed to something behind me. From the opposite side of a large shrub another swarm began to take off. They flew right down the street, and over the houses. I followed as best as I could, but I lost them... :( Those three were in all different parts of town; South Valley, NW Heights and Rio Rancho.

April 20 at 1:45 PM

Driving North on Carlisle, just South of the freeway a swarm of bees crossed the road heading West.  Happy hunting, Chris.


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