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Just getting a feel for this year's swarm season. Have you caught one this year? If so when and where?

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5 so far. I have more bees than I know what to do with.  I think they are all coming from my hives. I split one colony early on but should have made more splits and then given the extra away.  My bees have been doing great the last couple of years.

Joan, if you are looking to get rid of any other swarms I know plenty of New-Beeks that would love to fill their first hive.

I have a new one today to give away.  If you know somebody that wants it have them call or text me at 505-238-6064

Woo hoo I finally got my first one of the season in Rio Rancho. 12ft in a tree but fairly easy catch.

Three this year. One next to our own hives, one with Ray E. just to hang out & help, and another in Dripping Springs, Texas setting up my buddy with his first hive!  :)

I got a call Thursday 4-23 about a swarm in a small automotive repair shop on Yale and Caesar Chavez area. When I got there the owner pointed to a large 5 gal. shop vacuum setting about a 100 ft. away from the shop.  He said that morning there was a swarm in the ceiling corner of the shop. He left them alone and later in the morning someone told him about the hot line or so to call. When he went to check on them they were mostly gone, but some were flying around this old vacuum setting on a top shelf close by. He was not sure where the bees were but took the vacuum off and out side into the parking lot.

I got there a little later and the vacuum and bees were just waitting for me, I toss a small blanket over it and tied it down. Took it home where I had my empty hive box setting since my hive froze in the last snowstorm. It still had honey left over from the last guys.

I carefully as a man who has never done this before tried to pour the bees from the vac in to my cleared  top box, nothing ever goes as easy as you think it might, there was a lot of trash in that old vac. So I scooped them out by hand in to the box, several large handfulls of bees went smoothly into the box and hundreds into the air, which was still ok. The lid where the motor is at I had set to the side and when I picked it up it had hundreds and hundreds clustered around the motor. I used my little yellow hand brush and carefully sweep most of those too into the box. I covered the box but left a small opening on one of the sides because the air still had lots of flying bees. Inside the box the majority had made their way down into the frames there had to be several thousand that came to visit. after about half hour the air was clear.

I think they like it here for when I checked two days later the hive was a humming and my big beautiful Sage in bloom was covered with happy campers.

Cool story!  I was worried the shop owner had killed them all with the shopvac!   LOL

Was on my way to get a ladder to try and catch a small (softball size) swarm, 15ft in a tree, when I came across this beauty only 8ft up on a tree at the other end of the parking lot. Jefferson & I-25 area. The little one is still available if someone with a tall ladder would like it. Message me for more info.

I sent a friend request so I can get the info. I brought my bee vacuum with a 20ft hose. I will need 120 AC within a 50 ft.  If they are still there after work I'll buy some PVC or conduit so I can reach them :)

The little swarm has moved on.

I found this swarm on my morning walk on April 29th. I swept them into a dustpan and transferred them to a plastic bucket, which I lightly covered. I took them home and put them in a top bar box I had ready for a swarm. The small mound turned out to have a piece of pinecone in the center. I figure the swarm must have fallen from the tree above them and was fortunate to spot this before they relocated. I had to get them off the street, they had no future there. Later that afternoon I got a call and retrieved a very robust swarm. I will check on both of them tomorrow morning.


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