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I have a top bar that has started cross combing and I'm not sure how to fix it.  When you try to take out a bar the comb is wonky and some has fallen to bottom. We tried to push the comb in place though I don't think that is enough.  I was overwhelmed and stopped after the 5th bar.  Appreciate any help.



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Do you have guide strips on the bottom of the bars, or are the bars flat on the bottom?  If you don't have guide strips, you might move to switching out your bars for ones that have guides.

You might try aligning the comb straight along the bar, then tying a loop of string around that section of comb over the top of the bar to keep it in place.

Thank you for responding.  I do have the guide strips.  I'll see if I can tie the comb to the bar.  Thanks for the advice.


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